A good life indeed

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A good life indeed
Cover image for A good life indeed. A mouse and a cup of coffee can be seen at the top, and a pencil, a computer keyboard, and a stack of paper can be seen at the bottom. The background is completely white.

Cover image for A good life indeed

Author Enoch Leung
Country Canada
Language Canadian English
  • Short story
Completion date March 27, 2018
Publication date March 27, 2018
Last updated March 27, 2018
Media type Digital
Pages 10 (Google Docs version)
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A good life indeed is a short story written by Enoch Leung and published on Wattpad. Written in first-person, it is about a man who is frequently overworked and verbally abused by his boss, whom he personally dislikes. Throughout the course of the story, he draws from examples over how he dislikes his current job and the current state of affairs in his workplace. At the end of the story, however, he begins to look at the things that are going well in his life and becomes appreciative of them.

Work on A good life indeed began on January 28, 2018 and continued on and off (mostly off) during February. Unlike other stories, the release of A good life indeed to other websites was delayed for unknown reasons. It was released to Wattpad on March 27,[1] Google Docs on April 8, and K6ka's Wiki on April 19.