As he lay dying...

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As he lay dying...
Cover image for As he lay dying. A hand at the top is reaching down towards another hand at the bottom. At the top is the title of the story, and at the bottom are the words "A story about brotherhood".

Cover image for As he lay dying...

Author Enoch Leung
Country Canada
Language Canadian English
  • Christian
  • Short story
Set in Philippines
Completion date January 30, 2016
Publication date January 30, 2016
Last updated March 12, 2017
Media type Digital
Pages 29 (Google Docs version)
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As he lay dying... is a short story written by Enoch Leung and published on Wattpad. It tells the story of two brothers who grow up in a shantytown, and are forced out of their home by an abusive guardian. The two brothers eventually part ways: one joins a group of b-boyers, while the other joins a street gang and becomes a criminal.

The story was the first short story that Enoch published onto Wattpad and was the first story that he completed in years. It was written in four days[1][2] and was generally positively received.

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