Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper
Cover image for Brother's Keeper. Two brothers are walking down a gravel road, with the older brother putting his arm around his younger brother. The name of the story is located near the top, with the author's name just below it.

Cover image for Brother's Keeper

Author Enoch Leung
Country Canada
Language Canadian English
  • Short story
Completion date October 19, 2017
Publication date October 19, 2017
Last updated October 19, 2017
Media type Digital
Pages 15 (Google Docs version)
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Brother's Keeper is a short story written by Enoch Leung and published on Wattpad. Written in third-person, it is about a boy who learns how to apologize to and mend his relationship with his little brother after hurting him in a fight.

Brother's Keeper was written in six days and was released on October 19, 2017.[1] It was the first short story published by Enoch since Half-brother almost 18 months earlier.