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First appearance As he lay dying...
Last appearance As he lay dying...
Created by Enoch Leung
Gender Male
Parent(s) Daniel's mother; Daniel's father
Sibling(s) Efren (youngerbrother)
Nationality Filipino

Daniel is the older brother of Efren, the quasi-protagonist, in the short story As he lay dying.... He is of Filipino descent, black-haired and is "likely around the age of 14."[1]


Though little is known about Daniel's background, it can be presumed that he lives in the shantytowns of an unspecified city in the Philippines. He does not appear to be religious at first, and appears to live in poverty. Though it is implied that he felt close to his parents, he appears to be closest to his brother Efren.

While the story does not explicitly state which sibling is older, it is implied, through character actions and behaviour, that Daniel is the older brother.


  1. Leung, Enoch. As he lay dying.... "A figure appeared. A boy, black-haired and of Filipino descent, likely around the age of 14, sporting a hoodie that barely kept out the rain."