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K6ka's Wiki is a wiki about the Internet user known by the alias "k6ka". It was primarily intended for the user to freely post their stories, thoughts, comments, and other forms of writing. In addition, K6ka's Wiki aims to serve as a "template" for other wikis to copy off of with detailed Project and Help pages, transportable templates, organized category structure, and more.

K6ka's Wiki is run entirely by volunteer users who contribute without pay and with no obligation to do so. Anyone with an Internet connection is free to join the wiki at any time; registering for an account is encouraged but not a prerequisite for contributing.

K6ka's Wiki is hosted on the Miraheze network and is powered by the MediaWiki software, the same software that powers Wikipedia. The combination of the two enables us to develop our wiki with the same technology enjoyed by Wikipedia while simultaneously allowing its users to focus on creating content rather than on technical behind-the-scenes work.

K6ka's Wiki will always be a work in progress. There is no point at which it will become "complete", and it can always be improved and expanded on at any time.

While the wiki is primarily edited and maintained by k6ka, other users are more than welcome to join and help out in any way possible.

History[edit source]

K6ka's Wiki first started as a wiki on Wikia with the same idea of providing k6ka with a place to freely post his content and to develop a sort of "template" for other wikis to follow. However, Wikia enacted several changes to the website over the course of a few years, such as the removal of the ability for local administrators to edit the MediaWiki namespace,[1][2][3], the creation of a bulky and intrusive navigation bar,[4], the creation of a poorly received website skin,[5] a poorly received typography change,[6] a rebranding to "Fandom" despite widespread opposition from the community,[7] and the desysopping of a local administrator after a community objected to a change that was being forced onto them by Wikia Staff,[8][9] k6ka decided it was time for a new home. Thus, he founded a new wiki on ShoutWiki on May 11, 2017. On January 26, 2019, K6ka's Wiki again moved to Miraheze, seeking better software and better technical support.

References[edit source]