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Administrators can be publicly reached at the administrators' noticeboard. To contact an individual administrator, please consult the list of administrators and leave your message on their talk page.

Administrators, also known as admins or sysops, are generally trusted members of the community that are given the option to possess a few extra tools in editing the wiki, such as being able to block/unblock users from editing, delete/undelete pages, and protecting/unprotecting pages from editing.

Administrators are volunteer users who are never obliged to use their tools, and must not use them to gain an advantage in a dispute they are involved in. They are not considered to be "staff" or "employees" and should not be referred to as such. In general, administrators are considered to be equal to all other users on the wiki, and have no additional power when it comes to resolving disputes.

On K6ka's Wiki, there are 2 accounts with local administrator privileges (See full list).

Administrators' abilities[edit]

Administrators have the technical ability to do the following:

  • Block or unblock user accounts and IP addresses from editing.
  • Protect or unprotect a page from editing.
  • Delete or undelete a page.
  • Move a page to any title, even if a page already exists at the new title.
  • Edit fully protected pages.
  • Edit the MediaWiki namespace.

The above list is not exhaustive.

Expectations of adminship[edit]

Care and judgement[edit]

Administrators are expected to use their tools with proper care and judgement, especially the ability to delete pages and block users, as the administrator tools have the potential to cause serious damage to the wiki. Administrators are not expected to be perfect, and K6ka's Wiki believes that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, administrators are expected to learn from these mistakes, and repeated infractions may result in access being removed.


Administratorship is a position of trust, and users will naturally look up to administrators; therefore, administrators are expected to lead by example and must behave in a civil, respectful manner to other users, even if the reverse is not true. Again, administrators are not expected to be perfect, but egregiously making or refusing to acknowledge mistakes may result in access being removed. Administrators should consider deferring to other administrators if they believe they cannot follow the policies or act in a civil manner during a dispute.


Other users are free to question or criticize administrator actions, subject to the policies of civility and assuming good faith. Administrators are expected to respond in a civil manner about any queries regarding their conduct and actions on K6ka's Wiki, and should be able to justify them when needed.


Administrators are expected to have strong passwords and to follow appropriate personal security practices, as administrator accounts have the potential to cause site-wide damage. An administrator whose account has been compromised may be blocked and desysopped to prevent further damage. An administrator who is found to have a weak password may also be desysopped.

Administrators may not share accounts. Administrator accounts on K6ka's Wiki are expected to belong to one person, and to one person only. Administrators who are found sharing their account password to anyone else—even to someone that they trust—may be desysopped.

Misuse of administrator tools[edit]

The administrator tools, while necessary to keep the wiki in good working order, can cause serious damage if misused. As such, they are only granted to trusted users and should be used with thought and reason. If an administrator breaches that trust, sanctions may be imposed or they may even have the tools removed.