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Yes check.svg This page documents a policy on K6ka's Wiki
Policies provides a guideline that all editors should normally follow. Changes to it should reflect consensus.
Walnut.svg This page in a nutshell: Bureaucrats are users with the technical ability to add or remove most user groups. They are considered to be equal to all other members of the community, and may only use their tools after consensus has been formed by the community.

Bureaucrats, also known as crats, are highly trusted members of the community that have the technical ability to:

  • Add the administrator, bureaucrat, bot, and rollback user groups to a registered account.
  • Remove the administrator, bot, and rollback user groups from a registered account.

Bureaucrats are bound by policy and consensus and must only use their powers with the consensus of the community. In some rare circumstances, such as an emergency, bureaucrats may use their abilities to a limited degree if the situation calls for it. Like all other users, bureaucrats are considered to be volunteer users and are never required to use their tools.

While bureaucrats have the technical ability to grant bureaucrat status to other users, they cannot remove the bureaucrat flag from anyone, not even themselves. The power to do so lies only with stewards and Miraheze Staff. As such, the granting of the bureaucrat flag must be taken seriously. While it is technically possible for users to be given the bureaucrat flag without also having the administrator flag, on K6ka's Wiki having adminship is a prerequisite for requesting bureaucrat.

On K6ka's Wiki, there is 1 account with local bureaucrat privileges (See full list).