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Yes check.svg This page documents a policy on K6ka's Wiki
Policies provides a guideline that all editors should normally follow. Changes to it should reflect consensus.
Walnut.svg This page in a nutshell: Policy pages on K6ka's Wiki document good practices that are generally accepted by the wiki community.

Policies on K6ka's Wiki are meant to document and record the general rules, guidelines, and best practices that are widely accepted or agreed upon by the wiki community. Policy pages are intended to clarify principles, help resolve conflicts, and further the wiki's goal of being a safe place to be on. Although K6ka's Wiki does not employ hard and fast rules, and while it is not necessary to read the policy pages before one begins editing, policies and guidelines should always be applied with common sense.

List of policies[edit]


Content policies define the scope of the wiki and what pages are suitable for it.


Conduct policies set guidelines as to how users should act on the wiki.


Deletion policies set guidelines as to how the deletion processes on the wiki should be carried out.


Enforcement policies set guidelines on how various standards on the wiki should be enforced.

User access levels[edit]

These policies cover the usage of special user permissions.


These policies do not fit into any of the other categories, but are still useful.