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This module's documentation page can be edited at Module:Hidden ping/doc.

Description[edit source]

This template is used to power {{Hidden ping}}.

Usage within templates[edit source]

{{#invoke:Hidden ping|hiddenping|max=maximum number of names}}

  • The |max= parameter sets the maximum number of names that the template will accept. If not specified, it defaults to 50 (which is the maximum number that Echo currently supports Template:As of). If this number of names is exceeded, the parent template will return an error message when previewed.

Credits[edit source]

This module was taken from the English Wikipedia.

local p = {}

local function makeError(msg, frame)
	-- Show error only in preview
	if (frame:preprocess( "{{REVISIONID}}" ) ~= "") then return '' end
	msg ='<strong>Error in [[Template:Hidden ping]]:</strong> ' .. msg
	return mw.text.tag('div', {['class']='error'}, msg)

function p.hiddenping(frame)
	local origArgs = frame:getParent().args
	local args = {}
	local maxArg = 0
	local usernames = 0
	for k, v in pairs(origArgs) do
		if type(k) == 'number' and mw.ustring.match(v,'%S') then
			if k > maxArg then maxArg = k end
			local title =
			if title then
				args[k] = title.rootText
				usernames = usernames + 1
				return makeError('Input contains forbidden characters.', frame)

	if usernames < 1 then
		return makeError('Username not given.', frame)
	elseif usernames > (tonumber(frame.args.max) or 50) then
		return makeError('More than '..tostring(frame.args.max or 50)..' names specified.', frame)
		local outStr = ''
		for i = 1, maxArg do
			if args[i] then outStr = outStr..'[[:User:'..args[i]..'|&#x200B;]]' end
		return outStr

return p