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This template is used on help pages that share the name of a help page located on ShoutWiki Hub.

By default, any pages in the "Help" namespace on ShoutWiki Hub are automatically available on all wikis on ShoutWiki under the same name. For example, if "Help:Foo" was created on ShoutWiki Hub, "Help:Foo" will be visible on K6ka's Wiki even if the page hasn't been created locally yet.

Default help pages can be overridden simply by creating a local page with the same title. The default page will not be visible locally until the local page is deleted.

K6ka's Wiki sometimes creates help pages with the same name as the default help pages, either to add more information to them, or to add information, links, images, and other content that apply specifically to K6ka's Wiki and not on other wikis. When that is done, this template can be added to inform readers that a default help page exists, and provides a link to the default help page on ShoutWiki Hub.


Simply adding {{Default help page}} to the top of the help page will display the notice. By default, it will link to the page of the same name on ShoutWiki Hub. For example, if this template was added on "Help:Foo", it will provide a link to s:Help:Foo.

To link to a different page, do this: {{Default help page|<Full name of page you want to link>}}. For example, {{Default help page|Help:Bar}} will provide a link to s:Help:Bar instead.