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This template provides a link to edit a page.



By default, simply using this template will provide a link to edit the currently displayed page.

The following parameters are available. All of them are optional.

  • Page: the page to edit, if not the current page
  • Label: the text to label the link, defaults to "edit"
  • Section: the section to edit, 0 for top section, "new" to add a new section
  • Editintro: Title of a page that will be transcluded above the edit box. Not a wikilink, templates require Template:
  • Preload: Title of a page to preload into the edit form if the page to be edited does not exist
  • Preloadtitle: if section=new, a title to be preloaded into the title box of the edit form
  • nobrackets: If set to yes, the square brackets around the link will not be displayed.
Template Result
{{edit}} [edit]
{{edit|K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox}} [edit]
{{edit|K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox|Edit the page of awesome}} [Edit the page of awesome]
{{edit|Template:Edit/doc|section=1}} [edit]
{{edit|2=Some label}} [Some label]
{{edit|nobrackets=yes}} edit


This template's code was taken from Template:Edit on the English Wikipedia.