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This template can be added to the userpage of approved bots. It serves as a speedy gateway to Special:Block, which can be used by administrators to halt a bot that has malfunctioned.

This button will "soft block" the bot. Only the bot account will be blocked. The IP address of the bot will not be blocked (autoblock disabled) in order to avoid affecting the bot operator.

This button should be used on bots that are approved (have the "bot" flag) and have simply malfunctioned, and on unapproved bots editing in good faith. Bots that are attacking the wiki (AKA "Vandalbots" or "Vandalscripts") must be "hard blocked".

Non-administrators cannot use the button, but they can report a broken bot to the administrators' noticeboard.


Just add {{Emergency bot shutoff}} anywhere on the bot's userpage to add the template.