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This template is used for displaying IPA characters from multiple sets, or when the set a character belongs to is not known or doesn't exist on this wiki. This template has no special coding and only has one tooltip, intended to cover all characters. It can also support a prescript and audio pronunciations.


The template has one default parameter where the IPA code goes into. Any IPA character can be entered into this parameter, as this is a "catch-all" template.

There are three other optional parameters:

prescript - add any prescripts (such as the IPA alphabet it came from) here

audio and audio-url - Use the |audio = and |audio-url = parameters to add an audio pronunciation. The |audio = parameter is the name of the file, including the "File:" namespace prefix, excluding the square brackets. For example:


The following is not correct:



|audio-url = is the direct URL to the file itself, skipping the intermediary of the file page. To find this URL, go to the file page and click the raw name of the file just under the audio file player. Only the OGG file should be visible on screen. Copy and paste the URL of that page into this parameter. You may remove the "?cb=<numbers here>" part of the URL, since it is not needed.

Full syntax[edit]

|audio =
|audio-url =
|prescript =
|1 =


This template was taken from Template:IPA on K6ka's Wiki on Wikia.

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