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This template can be placed next to terms that may be difficult to pronounce. It should contain a link to an audio file of the correct pronunciation.


This template has one mandatory parameter, and that is the name of the audio file, including the "File:" namespace prefix, excluding the square brackets. For example:



(Speaker Icon.svg Listen)

There is one optional parameter, which is the direct URL to the file itself, skipping the intermediary of the file page.
To find this URL, go to the file page and click the raw name of the file just under the audio file image. Only the OGG file should be visible on screen. Copy and paste the URL of that page into the parameter "url".
For example:



(Speaker Icon.svg Listen)

Nuvola apps important.svg Important
The direct link to the OGG Vorbis file only works in the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera web browsers, as they include native support for the OGG file format. Browsers that do not support this format will attempt to download the OGG file instead. Most computers, however, do not have the programs needed to play OGG files (such as VLC) by default.


This template's code was taken from Template:Listen on The Last Stand Wiki; identical templates exist on The Sims Wiki and K6ka's Wiki on Wikia.