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Soft redirect to:[[:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]
This page is a soft redirect.

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This template is used to create soft redirects. Simply put, a short redirect does not automatically redirect users like a "hard" redirect would, but instead requires readers to click on another link in order to get to where they need to go.

It is useful for linking to wikis on other websites, where it is not technically possible to create a hard redirect for. It is also good for redirecting any page outside of K6ka's Wiki, in order to avoid confusion by readers when they are suddenly redirected to a page outside of this wiki.


{{Soft redirect|<Title of page you want to redirect to>|<Displayed text (optional)>}}

For example:

{{Soft redirect|K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox}}


Soft redirect to:K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox
This page is a soft redirect.

The second parameter changes the displayed text. It is optional.

{{Soft redirect|K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox|A place to make mud pies}}


Soft redirect to:A place to make mud pies
This page is a soft redirect.

This template will automatically add pages to Category:Soft redirects. You can disable this using the parameter |nocat = yes.

{{Soft redirect|K6ka's Wiki:Sandbox|nocat=yes}}


This template's code was taken from Template:Soft redirect on the English Wikipedia.

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