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This template is used for creating custom table of contents.


Basic usage:

{{TOC top}}
* List item 1
* List item 2
* List item 3
{{TOC bottom}}

Comes out as:

You can also use a numbered list:

{{TOC top}}
# List item 1
# List item 2
# List item 3
{{TOC bottom}}


All parameters are optional.


The title to use for this ToC element. The default is Contents.


Sets the CSS float and clear properties, which forces this to float underneath the side specified with this attribute. So, align=right will place the element after all the right floating elements before it. Options are left, right, center, or none (default).


Overrides the default CSS clear property set by the align parameter, which is not typically needed. Options are left, right, both, or none. The defaults are left when |align=left, right when |align=right, none when |align=center, and left when |align=none. Use |clear=none to allow other floating elements to float next to the table of contents, and |clear=both to force the table of contents to have nothing next to it.


Set this to false if this ToC is not used as the primary ToC of a page. This makes sure that the title of this ToC does not show up in the primary ToC. A side effect of this is the disappearing of the show/hide toggle.

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This template's code was taken from Template:TOC top from the English Wikipedia. This template documentation contains content from Template:TOC top/doc.