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This template can be used to better embed media files into articles. It accepts audio and video files (not image files).


The template supports the following parameters:

  • filename: (Mandatory) This parameter is for the actual file. Insert the name of file, without the square brackets and without the "File:" prefix.
    • Example: File.ogg
    • Do not do this: [[File:File.ogg]]
  • title: (mandatory) This parameter displays the title above the file. If it is left blank, it will show the raw filename.
  • description: Will add a description under the file. Best used to describe the file, like a caption.
  • embed: If set to "yes", the border and padding around the template will be disabled. Useful if you're using the template inside an infobox or table.
  • width: Changes the width of the template, measured in pixels. Add a numerical value, without the "px" suffix. Default is 370.
  • position: Determines the position of the template. Choose from left, right, or none. If set to "none", the template will stop floating and anchor into place, preventing other page elements from wrapping around it. Default is right.
  • color: Changes the color of the border. Choose from an HTML color code.
  • image: Allows you to change the image that is displayed on the left side of the template. Default is a speaker icon.
  • size: Changes the size of the displayed media.
  • center: If set to "yes", the displayed media will be centered.
  • thumb: If set to "yes", the file will be displayed in a floating thumbnail.
  • thumbtime: (video files only) Determines the thumbnail of the embedded video will be given a time. For example, "1:25" will cause the frame that appears 1 minute 25 seconds into the video to be used as the thumbnail image, whereas "1:25:36" will be 1 hour 25 minutes 36 seconds into the video. A single number is treated as offset in seconds.
  • start: Determines the start time of the displayed media. When the media is played, it will start at the specified time. Follows the same timestamp format as thumbtime. If thumbtime is not specified, the time given in start will be used for the thumbnail.
  • end: Determines the end time of the displayed media. The media will automatically stop playing at the specified time. Follows the same timestamp format as thumbtime.

The template can also take more than one file, up to a maximum of three files. Simply change the "filename", "title", "description", "size", and "noicon" parameters and add a number next to them. For example:

  • filename2
  • title2
  • description2
  • size2
  • thumb2
  • filename3
  • title3
  • description3
  • size3
  • thumb3

Full syntax[edit]

{{View media
|embed         = 
|width         = 
|position      = 
|color         = 
|image         = 
|title         = 
|filename      = 
|center        = 
|thumb         = 
|thumbtime     = 
|start         = 
|end           = 
|description   = 
|size          = 
|title2        = 
|filename2     = 
|center2       = 
|thumb2        = 
|thumbtime2    = 
|start2        = 
|end2          = 
|description2  = 
|size2         = 
|title3        = 
|filename3     = 
|center3       = 
|thumb3        = 
|thumbtime3    = 
|start3        = 
|end3          = 
|description3  = 
|size3         =