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Hello! I go by the alias k6ka (Speaker Icon.svg Listen  /ˈkˈsɪksˈkˈ/) on much of the Internet; I also go by k6 and Czar Hey on some other places. The odd username comes from a time when I was less mature and (apparently) quite unimaginative. I am 22 years old, and currently attend Ryerson University.

I am an administrator on the English Wikipedia, The Last Stand Wiki, and The Sims Wiki. I'm also a global renamer on Meta Wiki.

To contact me, you can use my talk page, find me on The Sims Wiki's Discord server, or hop on the freenode IRC network and join ##k6ka (keep in mind that I use an IRC bouncer, so I may appear to be online even when I'm not). If it's supposed to be private, you can email me.

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