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Dead Zone Gazette
December 15, 2014
Your apocalyptic newspaper

Breaking News
Winter storm today!
Dr. Gale says this snowstorm will be the largest snowstorm before Christmas, thus the largest snow storm in 2014. Winds aren't going to be the worst part — 13 feet (4 metres) of snow will be dumped on Union City. This snow could fill up an entire floor of a building!

Snow plows and emergency units should be the only ones out during the storm. Once again, all survivors are advised to complete their scavenging missions before the storm, so they do not need to go out. Tune in to Dead Zone 99.9 FM Radio News for live, 24/7 updates on the situation.

Most zombies will be affected by the snow; only the larger zombies and the zombie dogs will be able to dig through the snow towards survivor compounds. More on page 3...

In Other News...
Ivan the Trader purchases some of the cargo from the Dunya — wants to "Carefully inspect" the goods before selling
Ivan the Trader has purchased some of the goods taken off the Dunya from Percede Bay, but he isn't putting them up for sale just yet. He wants to inspect the cargo carefully for anything unwanted before he even considers selling them.

Ivan the Trader is Russian, so he knows how to read the Russian labels, as well as the "Manufacturing techniques only Mother Russia can provide!" More on page 7...

Clyve Falls is almost free...
When Nova's followers left Clyve Falls, the town was free at last. However, an object was removed from the lighthouse basement. Nobody knows what it is, but the citizens of Clyve Falls angrily demand that Nova return the object. More on page 9...

Zombies swarm Ireland
U.K. military reports that zombies hid aboard an illegal boat crossing the ocean from Great Britain to the Irish Republic. When the illegal emigrants disembarked, so did the zombies. Ireland is amongst the few large islands left that have not been infested with zombies.

A fence is being constructed across the western side of the island to stop the spread of zombies. The fence is patrolled 24/7 and nobody who isn't part of the military or government will be allowed to pass. More on page 11...

Auburn haunted by Lake Blakeridge ghost
The ghost of Lake Blakeridge moved to Auburn for whatever reason. 10 of Dane's followers have fled to Union City and another 4 went to Jonestown after reported sightings of the ghost within the walls of the fort. Wine bottles inside sealed bottles also turned cloudy, and fresh milk instantly turned sour.

Dane says he will remain put but hopes the ghost is friendly, or at least, "Not dangerous." More on page 14...

Dead Zone Weather

Monday Morning - Storm Warning - Heavy snow up to 13 ft (4 m) of snow throughout a 24 hour period. 7°F (-14°C). 88% POP. Humidity 36%. Winds NE 28 MPH (45 km/h)
Monday Afternoon - Very heavy snow. 18°F (-8°C). 71% POP. Humidity 39%. Winds N 30 MPH (48 km/h)
Monday Evening - Snow. 16°F (-9°C). 68% POP. Humidity 36%. Winds NW 26 MPH (42 km/h)
Monday Night - Light snow. 12°F (-11°C). 40% POP. Humidity 32%. Winds SE 19 MPH (30 km/h)
Tuesday - Moderate snow. High of 25°F (-4°C) with a Low of 16°F (-9°C). 55% POP. Humidity 38%. Winds NE 21 MPH (34 km/h)
Wednesday - Light clouds in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. High of 28°F (-2°C) with a Low of 7°F (-14°C). 26% POP. Humidity 35%. Winds SW 15 MPH (24 km/h)

The Dead Zone Gazette is written by a team of dedicated writers hoping to bring accurate and well-written updates to survivors in the Dead Zone. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please send us a message through the communications system at channel "DZ GAZETTE". Thank you.