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Dead Zone Olympics Update
January 25, 2015

Greetings, Dead Zone! This is your daily Dead Zone Olympics update for January 25, 2015!

A letter from Preston Rimouski, head of the Dead Zone Olympics Committee

Congratulations, Dead Zone, for another successful Olympics! This year's Winter Olympics has been a success, and as far as we are aware of, there are no serious incidents.

When the Olympics first started last year with me and F-8, we envisioned the Olympics to be an event that bonds us survivors together. The Olympics was born out of a time where war and confusion and concerns of anarchy and totalitarianism made us survivors of ourselves more than of the apocalypse. Now that we've worked so hard to maintain the peace within our own city, let's keep it that way. I personally feel that the Olympics is one of the best ways we can learn to compete, fight, and win together. But we aren't competing to be the strongest, fighting to become the dominant power, and winning for the glory of it. We are competing to challenge each other, fighting to strengthen each other, and winning so we can all pat each others backs and say, "What a great time we had together. I can't wait to do this again."

Speaking of which, I certainly can't wait for the Summer Olympics to begin and the Dead Zone to be lit up with the flames of strong, warm hearts that play, compete, and win together.

It would be a shame if all we have done vanished in a cloud of smoke, destroyed by ourselves and our foolish decisions, because we did not choose to defend our freedoms and our need to live together in harmony for wealth, power, and greed. We won't let that happen. Because we are survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The world may be in shambles, but our pride is not. We will continue to survive in this, together. And in order to do that, we must be willing to work and play with one another.

See you in the Summer Olympics! Stay safe, and be careful out there!

Featured athletes for the 2015 Dead Zone Winter Olympics

The featured athletes section lists athletes that have shown considerable sportsmanship, strength, and willpower during the Olympics. 10 adults and 10 kids will be selected. Not all featured athletes are first-place winners. We pick athletes based on their dedication and spirit during the games, not whether they won a gold.

For adults:

  1. Samantha Lovell
  2. Jennifer Wade
  3. Patrick Reyes
  4. Jonathan Nathans
  5. Hai Cavazos
  6. Miguel Raymond
  7. Lucy Craig
  8. Alexis Peters
  9. Luke Doyle
  10. Jamie Foo

For kids:

  1. Taylor Rosen
  2. Joey Collis
  3. Connie Tyler
  4. Jordan Logan
  5. Shannon Castillo
  6. Spencer Rios
  7. Tyler Sanchez
  8. Dustin Koolaard
  9. Chelsea Edwards
  10. Dustin Hall

Congratulations to all the athletes listed above! Your dedication and spirit during the games is exceptional! We hope you will return in the Summer Olympics!

Thank you all for reading! We at the Dead Zone Olympics Committee wish you the best of luck in this year's Summer Olympics! Stay safe, and survive well!

Preston Rimouski, co-founder and head of the Dead Zone Olympics Committee

Got any questions/comments/complaints regarding the Dead Zone Olympics? Join us at the "DZ OLYMPICS" channel on the communication system. Thank you!