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I have opened a separate email account in which, quite literally, total Internet strangers can use to contact me privately. It's just easier to keep everything together. On Wikia, I use this email to replace the retired Special:EmailUser function. But before you even open your email client...

Keep in mind that there are very few cases that I'm willing to discuss privately over email. Well, wiki-related cases, at least. I grant you this email address only because I am nice. I can revoke this at any time.

The majority of cases should be discussed on my talk page. The link links to my Community Central Message Wall, which you can use if you can't contact me on any other wiki, or if the issue is not specific to the wiki and you just want to keep everything in one place. If it's wiki-related, casual discussion that won't harm anyone if publicly seen, etc., then do it there.

Examples of when you can email me:

  • You are currently blocked from editing and your ability to edit your message wall/talk page has been revoked, on any of the wikis I am an administrator on. You can email me to request an unblock, or to inform me that you are an innocent editor that has been autoblocked.
  • There is a revision on a page that you want removed from public view, because it is extremely offensive, defamatory, or reveals personal information. In cases like these, do not post it publicly, as we don't want the Streisand effect to add fuel to the fire.
  • Other personal matters. However, keep in mind that this isn't a social networking site, so don't treat emails as casual private messages in which you can spam me.

If you are receiving death threats from someone else, do NOT email me. Contact Wikia Staff, and if needed, your local police.

If you need assistance with editing the wiki, do NOT email me. Someone else might have the same question that you have, and it's only fair that they can see it as well. Ask at the local Help desk on the wiki or at my talk page. You can also ask at Community Central.

If you want to advertise your crappy new product, DON'T BOTHER. I do not tolerate spam in my email inbox and I will simply shred any spam I see.

Remember that I reserve the right to ignore any email that is sent to me, for ANY reason. If I don't respond, do not push for a response. It's that simple.

In summary - use email only as a last resort, or when the situation is sensitive. Got it? Good.

Now that you've made it this far, you can email me here. Thank you.