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Here's the walkthrough to NG Office Adventure v1.3, originally posted by therealMrL.

here is a walkthough
A. Getting the people to join the party
1. Bob = Give him pot. [get wrench near jeff and use it on P-Bot's head, get pot inside]
2. Mike = Give him Xtreme Ginger Ale. [get carrot inside the fridge and combine it to a Ginger Ale]
3. Swain = Talk to him.
4. Afro = Give him the pick. [talk to him, then go to Tim and hand him the cash]
5. Tim = Talk to him after going back from Ohio.
6. Luis = Give him Toxic Beer. [Bleach combined to Miller Time]
7. Jeff = Give him Penicorn.
1. Above Bob's head.
2. On P-Bot's hand. [close up]
3. Glass at the back of the party room.
4. At the frame near the center when you first see Jeff.
5. At Jeff's CPU.
6. Near the seen TV at the spot where you first see the Penicorn. [quite transparent]
7. Near Mike's Butt. [quite dark]
8. On the vendo machine [seen from afar, but clickable in close-up]
9. On the microwave oven.
10. On the TV.
11. At the brick wall at the very start. [left wall]
1. Bob = Give him Penicorn.
2. Tim = Give him bleach.
3. Mike = Give him all the drinks found at the vendo.
4. Jeff = Give him cash.
5. Afro = Give him pot.
6. Luis = Give him Miller Time again and again for 5 times.
7. Swain = Give him Miller Time.
D. 80 clicks!!!
I hope this helps