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Being an administrator, it is incredibly important that everything be as bureaucratic as possible, because adminship is an incredibly big deal and a desysopping risks rattling the very fabric that Wikipedia precariously rests on. As such, to desysop me you must have the explicit approval of Jimmy Wales, all members of the Arbitration Committee, and at least 200 editors over 50,000 edits and ten years of tenure. All of these signatures must be compiled and verified by each user over at User:K6ka/Official document of de-adminship, after which I will walk at a snail's pace over to the bureaucrats' noticeboard to very unclearly request that my mop and draining bucket be slowly removed from my hands and I get a slushee as a retirement gift. Non-compliance will be ignored. Thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia!

Okay, jokes aside, I am open to recall (per my RFA) in order to reaffirm my accountability for my actions here on Wikipedia, especially those involving the use of the administrator tools. I am willing to resign the admin bit if all of the following criteria are met:

  • At least seven editors in good standing (No blocks within the past six months) that have over 500 mainspace edits and have been on Wikipedia for at least one year need to support my resignation.
  • The matter had been brought up on my talk page prior to the recall request, and I had been given the opportunity to discuss the matter (There may be a misunderstanding one is not aware of).
  • The matter concerns my use of the admin tools (blocks, deletes, protects, etc.) and not a non-admin editing concern.

That's it. No ArbCom case necessary. I certify that I am accountable for all my actions on Wikipedia, especially those involving the administrator tools, and that if the community believes I have violated this accountability, I will resign the administrator tools as opposed to allowing the drama to escalate.

Note: While I am willing to be recalled from the administrator tools, this criteria does not cover my abstention from editing Wikipedia. Even if I am recalled, I'll continue to edit Wikipedia as a non-admin at my discretion unless the appropriate community processes are followed to have me blocked and/or banned.