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Everyone knows Wikipedia. The famous, freely editable website we call a wiki. The readers are its editors, its editors are its curators. It has its pros, and it has its cons, but it's here to stay. And if you haven't tried editing one of our articles yet, you have no idea what you're missing out on.

Behind the scenes of this Wikipedia everybody knows about is the part of Wikipedia that fewer people know about. The venues, noticeboards, discussion pages, templates, and all of the stuff that makes Wikipedia's outer appearance visible and so easily recognizable. It is where content is discussed, user behavior carefully logged, sanctions are issued, tears are shed. It may be the darkest area of Wikipedia, but without it, we would have no Wikipedia at all.

Even further behind the scenes, so far back that some would wonder whether sunlight ever reached it at all, is the technical aspects of Wikipedia. All the parts of the MediaWiki software, as well as the unseen team of the Wikimedia Foundation that work on it, are located back here. Both employed and volunteer users work here, and without them, not only will there be no Wikipedia, but there would be no Wikia, no Gamepedia, and none of the other amazing wikis out there. Thousands of popular websites out there that you might not have even realized were wikis would simply... vanish.

I have been to all three stages of Wikipedia. The front stage, the back stage, and the "backest" stage, hidden behind the curtains, lighting, costume storage, and even the actor's dressing rooms. And yet, even though the world never really sees my face, I'm proud to be working back here. Without me and everyone else that huddle here like hermits in pineapples under the sea, you wouldn't see Wikipedia.

I serve the technical side of Wikipedia via my role as a global renamer. I have the technical ability to move user accounts, plus all their edits and log actions, to a new username. It may not seem like much, and some English Wikipedia administrators may scoff at my seemingly simplistic life. But the next time they unblock someone who has an inappropriate username asking for a username change, those administrators need us to finalize the deed. And besides, if you are ever dissatisfied with your current username but don't want to leave your edits behind, we can save you the hassle of having to declare your sockpuppet accounts. Why have two when you can stick with one?

So, welcome to Wikipedia. Well, welcome to the Wikimedia Global Renamer team. We might not be the most prolific article writers, but we work behind the scenes to make sure all the other parts of Wikipedia are running smoothly. We can serve the encyclopedia even if we don't write it.