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Template:Property Alone is a fanon story created by K6ka. It tells the tale of two brothers who are cast into the mean, unpredictable world alone after the untimely death of their father.


Chapter 1. The Grim Reality[edit]

There is a moment in life when we are all born.

And then there is a moment in life where we all die.

Simon hugged his little brother Lucas close to his body. Their house stood in front of them, looking dreary and defeated in the cold rain that pelted down. The old, tattered raincoat he wore did little to defend him from the temperature and the torrent. He shivered, likely from the cold, although there were much worse things crossing his mind.

A happy home. Beautiful, sunny days in the summer and frigid, frolicking snowy days in the winter. Snowmen on cold days and snow cones on warm ones. The autumn sightseeing where the nearby forests burst into a smokeless, heatless flame as the leaves changed into their bright, carotene colours. The crisp, spring mornings that felt like ice-cold soda in a glass bottle, and the rainy afternoons where the warmth of the indoors lent itself to board games and LAN parties.