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Template:PropertyTemplate:EvolveTemplate:Fanon-uc Template:Family2 The Lothario family is a family in my version of Pleasantview. It consists of only one member - Don Lothario himself.

Don is the town Casanova, having a romantic interest in Nina and Dina Caliente, Cassandra Goth, and Kaylynn Langerak. While he is the town's biggest womanizer, it comes as no surprise that balancing 4 relationships at once (while secretly keeping it a secret from everyone else) is not an easy task. Is Don at risk of crashing and burning... and becoming the town hated?

The condo Don lives in is a mess at the start, with trash piles everywhere. The game will suggest re-hiring Kaylynn to help clean up, which could potentially lead to disaster if any of his other lovers pay him a visit.



Don's romantic life is really humming along! Maybe now's the time to put the moves on Nina Caliente. Pick up the phone and invite her over!