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{{Property|<K6ka>}} Approximately six months after the events of Pleasantview, just before Christmas, a massive blizzard strikes SimCity. Meteorologists warned several days prior that this would be "The worst blizzard of the century." The blizzard knocked out electricity for millions; Sims were stranded in the mountains of snow that covered everything; and the wind chills showed no mercy for the powerless residents. The city was halted in its tracks overnight, making it next to impossible for city services to get around, as the snowplows had all but broken down. In short, city residents were largely left to their own means.

Pleasantview, a suburb of SimCity, had some of the worst snowfalls in the Greater SimCity Area. Yet it was this inconceivable disaster that united a divided, broken town for the first time.

Part 1. "The worst storm of the century!"[edit]

The springs of the bed groaned as the weight of its owner and occupant sat down and reclined on it. The pillows on its head were readjusted, placed perpendicular to the mattress. The pillow caved inward as it took the shape of the head resting on it. An audible sigh came from its occupant as it stretched out its leg.

Home. After a long day of work, and a hellish commute.

A remote control emerged from the nightstand. The occupant of the bed pressed a button, and the TV came to life, basking the room with its glorious, virtual heaven.

It was just in time for the news.

"Good evening! Patricia Michaels with you on this cold, snowy Tuesday evening..."

Talking heads. Talking heads. Talking heads. Evening news is where they say "Good evening" and then proceed to tell you why it isn't, the viewer thought.

"Thank you Steven for the business update! Now we're over to Chris for your weather report."

"Thanks Patricia! Christmas is just around the corner, but Mother Nature seems to have other plans. A slow-moving extratropical cyclone is paying us a visit, and will be over the Greater SimCity Area by tomorrow evening, resulting in a messy and snowy commute home..."

A phone buzzed on the nightstand. It was a text message: "u skipping work tmrw? im not riding the train in the middle of a snowstorm."

"SimNation meteorologists are all saying that this may be the 'Worst blizzard of the century', and soon, we will see why. Much of the city may see up to 20 inches of snow, with some places up to 30! The mayor says he will declare a state of emergency when the snowstorm hits, and has ordered the preparation of emergency city services in order to prepare for the influx of snow."

There was an audible yawn from the bed's occupant.

"...we advise everyone to stay inside during the storm and refrain from leaving the house..."

Texting. "yeah, i'm skipping"

"...please, only call 9-1-1 in the event of an extreme emergency. The snow will hamper emergency services and their attempts to get around the city, so please do not call simply because the power in your area has gone out."

The phone buzzed. "ok good."

" sure to check on elders! They do not fare well in the snow, and if necessary, please stay with them or bring them to your house or apartment. This storm will be a good opportunity for a family reunion. Gathering everybody in the same building ensures that everyone is accounted for..."

The occupant glanced at the bedroom clock, then his wristwatch. When will this news report just end? We get the fact that there's a big storm tomorrow, okay?

"...homeless Sims should seek a roof above their heads in the various public shelters, which are all open. Food, heat, and medical services are offered for free, as well as a bed to sleep on..."

The occupant began fidgeting, drumming his fingers impatiently on the remote control. Hurry up... hurry up... HURRY UP!

"That concludes our program for this evening. I'm Patricia Michaels; we'll see you again tomorrow. Good night."

Part 2. A sluggish commute[edit]

Mary-Sue drummed her fingers impatiently on the dashboard. She glanced over at her driver. He was staring straight ahead at the traffic, fighting the craving, she was sure. He looked at her and smiled weakly. "I... I think I can manage," he said.

Snow was coming down in thick, wet billows, covering the great SimCity freeway in sludge. Around them was the weekday evening rush-hour traffic, their efforts to move hampered by the forces of nature. Car horns joined together to form a cacophony of mid-workweek office rage. Mary-Sue looked over at the packed HOV lanes. Almost every vehicle on it had a mannequin illegally seated in the co-driver seat, complete with wig, baseball cap, and business suit.[note 1]

Mary-Sue fidgeted. The atmosphere in the car grew hot and uncomfortable. Traffic crawled along at a snail's pace, giving the snow plenty of time to build up around tires. More than once did Mary-Sue see drivers get out of their vehicles to dig or push their cars out of the snow.

Her driver was taking in deep breaths. Sweat appeared on his forehead. He gritted his teeth, trying to fight the temptation. Finally, he gave in. "I'm sorry for the draft, Mary-Sue." And with that, he lowered the window and struggled to light a cigarette in the howling wind.

Poor soul, she thought. He was doing so well!

A commercial came on the radio, tuned to a low but audible volume. "In the howling blizzards of winter," it said, "you're stuck in traffic when all of a sudden you feel the cravings. They're coming back. Hard."

Sure is the case here, Mary Sue thought.

"You have two options: You can either lower your window... AND HAVE A CIGARETTE! Or, you can stay warm and snug and try NicoFast Spray. NicoFast is the only nicotine spray that stops cravings. Fast. Best of all, you never have to roll your window down and get a frost as well as a smoke! So, you have two options: You can either lower your window... AND HAVE A CIGARETTE! Or you can stay warm and snug and try NicoFast Spray. NicoFast — KILL those cravings!"

Mary-Sue looked at her driver and chuckled. The poor man was battling the wind and snow as he tried to keep his tiny flame alive just long enough for him to have a few puffs. He constantly spat and coughed as snow found its way in every opening in his face. Finally, he discarded the cigarette and shut the window. He turned around. His face looked like a snowman.

Author's notes[edit]

  • The Blizzard spans a period from December 22 to December 26.

  1. HOV lanes are specialized lanes that only permit vehicles with at least two (or three) persons inside. Some people often try to game the system by placing mannequins or other "fake people" in the car in order to try and fool police into thinking they're allowed to use the HOV lane. This has happened in real life, and the police weren't too impressed with the trick. The good news? The mannequins and the human driver were all wearing seat belts.[1]