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__NOWYSIWYG__ Template:Property Template:Fanon-uc The Vigilant Forces, known colloquially as The Soldiers, is a military force created by k6ka to perform a wide variety of tasks, most notably that of fighting the forces of Kyon Vesprit. They also educate Sims across the land in defending themselves against Vesprit, and to leading robust and fruitful lives.

The force is comprised of a hierarchical structure, with the commander being k6ka himself. Communication along the structure follows a chain of command, in which those further down the hierarchy must report to those immediately above them, and so on. In rare cases, such as emergencies, this chain of command may be bypassed in order to relay information to those higher up the chain faster.

Members of the forces do not have free will; their actions are strictly controlled by a large amount of carefully-written code embedded into their brains. They are thus unable to defect from the forces, and cannot disobey orders.


The force is divided into <#> ranks, with each rank being superior to those below it.


Private (Pvt.) is the lowest rank, and is also the most populated. Privates largely take part in tactical operations and as patrollers. Most privates are garrisoned at the military bases in Sunrise Grove, and undergo rigorous training when not used outside of base.

Privates wear "army camouflage" combats when out on missions and training in the base, and a uniform during parades and special ceremonies. They also have a special mess dress for use during special dinners and banquets. Otherwise, they wear normal, civilian clothing.

Privates are divided into several squads, each consisting of four to five privates. Squads are headed by corporals, the rank immediately above private.


Corporal (Cpl.) is the second-lowest rank, with private being the lowest. Corporals are similar to privates, but have additional responsibilities, the most notable of which is being in charge of squads, which consist of four to five privates. Corporals are expected to tend to their privates's needs and questions, and must exercise good judgement.

Corporals are considered to be non-commissioned officers. Corporals and their squads are divided into platoons, each with up to eight other corporals; platoons are headed by sergeants, the rank immediately above corporal.


Sergeant (Sgt.) is the third rank, and have additional responsibilities in addition to commanding their assigned platoons. Platoons must have no fewer than two sergeants, with the larger platoons having up to four. Sergeants may also serve as the 2IC (Second in command) of a platoon; they generally only take the role of IC (In command) when a staff sergeant is unavailable.


The role of 2IC (second in command) is reserved for sergeants and up, although corporals may occasionally be assigned the role temporarily with permission from a staff sergeant. The 2IC is responsible for assisting the IC, such as by taking their place when the IC is unavailable. They also march in the Retire position during parades and ceremonies.

Staff Sergeant[edit]

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) is the fourth rank, above that of sergeant. Staff sergeants are responsible for managing an entire platoon; only one staff sergeant is permitted per platoon. Staff sergeants must serve as the IC of the platoon.


IC (in command) is a position reserved for staff sergeants and up. ICs are responsible for maintaining the platoon and calling out drill commands. ICs march in the Advance position during parades and ceremonies.