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Dominic Mannings: Hello, I'm Dominic Mannings from the Dead Zone Community Radio, and today I have Taylor Rosen with me, who has been ranked #1 on the featured athletes list for the Kids Division of the 2015 Dead Zone Winter Olympics! Now Taylor... you're only 12 years old, and you've ascended to a position that every minor who competes in the Dead Zone Olympics aspires to... what does it feel like to be at the top?

Taylor Rosen: Really great. I never really expected to go this far, but in a heartbeat, here I am... at the top!

Dominic: This isn't the first time the Dead Zone has heard of you, of course. You scored second place in last year's Summer Olympics, with Jordan Logan taking first and Dustin Hall and Joey Collis being tied for the third place position. Being second place satisfies most people, but some are probably even more disappointed with getting second than they would be if they got last. How did you feel when you were just one step away from first?

Taylor: I wouldn't say I was disappointed... maybe a little, "Ergh, I was so close to making it to the top, just one step closer" and that stuff.

Dominic: Well, now that you've made it to the top at last, most kids would probably want to retire. What do you plan to do now?

Taylor: I'd like to keep going. I might be a the top now, but even if I fall back I'd still like to continue to keep my title, my body, and my spirit alive. You know, I always wanted to compete in the Olympics when I grew up. Nobody knows when that will happen again, but for now we have the Dead Zone Olympics, and I really like it. I can't wait for this year's Summer Olympics. I've heard it's going to be bigger and better than ever.

Dominic: Now, not only are the kids looking up to you, but many of the adults are as well. Even the top adult athletes of this year's Winter Olympics are a bit taken aback by your age and your abilities. How does it feel to be higher than some grownups?

Taylor: A pretty interesting feeling. I guess it's like an interesting change that can happen once in a while, since adults always think they're the best and the bosses of us kids. Sometimes it's good for us kids to prove them wrong and take the top position. I think adults should remember the fact that they were once kids too, so it doesn't mean that they get to ignore kids and their abilities to make mountains move. Too bad it doesn't work for getting served first at meals in my survivor compound. There are six adults there, and they get served before the kids do at meals. It still is. Disappointing.

Dominic: Speaking of your survivor compound - what do your own survivors think of you?

Taylor: Well, they were pretty shocked and dumb-founded when I brought home the trophy, just like they were last year at the Summer Olympics. My dad was busy bragging about me... maybe bragging so much that he might've thought he won the trophy himself. I mostly received pats on the back and some hugs from the grownups. The real excitement came from the youth of the compound. There were eight of us considered to be "the young generation", and we held our own celebration, independent of the adults. I really loved my six-year-old brother's reaction when I got the #1 trophy. For someone who spent his childhood in this zombie apocalypse, I think having some joy was really necessary for his spirit. My 15-year old brother was a bit jealous that I got the trophy and he didn't, but he loves me all the same, and looks forward to me bringing another trophy home this summer.

Dominic: Taylor: Thank you for taking the time to come on here. Is there anything else you'd like to say to the Dead Zone?

Taylor: Yeah... to the kids: Don't let an adult tell you you're too young to do something. Be sure to follow the path of your dreams, make the big leap, the defining moment, and shove it in their face.

Dominic: Hmm... now I want to be a kid again! Anyways, we have to take a short break now, but coming up next, we have Jessica Pramrose, vice-president of the Dead Zone Olympics Committee, to talk with us about the successes and failures of this year's Winter Olympics, and the path to the future for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Stay tuned!