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User rights on K6ka's Wiki are near-universal in their technical functions and names all across Wikia and other MediaWiki websites. User rights represent special tools and abilities granted to a user, but does not affect their social status on the wiki. All users are treated equal and must abide by wiki policies.

This page will cover the available user rights on K6ka's Wiki and a description of their technical abilities.

All users, whether they are logged in or not, are able to read most pages on Wikia, and can edit any page that is not protected, provided they are not blocked.

Local user rights[edit]

These rights only apply for one wiki and are not shared across the rest of Wikia. For example, being an administrator on K6ka's Wiki does not automatically grant administrator access on other wikis.


Users that are not logged in are considered to be "unregistered." They are not identified by a custom username, but by their IP address. Unregistered users may read all pages on the wiki (with the exception of certain special pages), and may edit any page that is not protected. They may create pages in any namespace except the MediaWiki namespace. Unregistered users may not rename pages or upload files. When purging pages, they must click an additional confirmation step. When inserting external links, they are required to enter a CAPTCHA to prevent automated linkspam.


Registered users are simply users that have created a user account and logged in with it. Their IP address is automatically cloaked and hidden to everyone without the CheckUser permission. They can purge pages without a confirmation step, but are still required to enter a CAPTCHA when inserting external links. They may rename pages that are not move-protected, and may upload files. They are allowed to create and manage their own userpages, and will have a talk page/message wall that is unique to them. They may maintain their own Watchlist and keep their own user preferences. They may also have their own JS and CSS pages to customize their wiki experience.


Autoconfirmed permission is an earned position on Wikia, and is granted by the MediaWiki software automatically when certain requirements are met. On Wikia, the requirements are that an account must be at least 4 days old and have made at least 10 edits. Users who are autoconfirmed may edit pages that have been semi-protected. They no longer need to enter a CAPTCHA when inserting external links. They may also use the Multiple upload tool.


Rollbacker (sometimes shortened to "rollback" on Wikia) is a special permission that must be granted manually by another user. Rollbackers have the ability to use the rollback tool, which allows them to revert malicious edits in one click. Rollback must be granted by a bureaucrat. This right is automatically assigned to administrators.

Chat moderator[edit]

Chat moderators have no additional rights on-wiki, but are granted access to special moderation tools on Wikia chat. They are able to kick and ban disruptive users from chat, and can remove chat bans. On chat, they are marked with a golden star next to their username. This right is automatically assigned to administrators.


Moderators have the ability to manage threads in message walls and in the new Wikia forums. They can close threads and reopen closed threads, and are able to remove and restore replies. They are also able to highlight and un-highlight threads. This right is automatically assigned to administrators.


Administrators are specially trusted users that have access to a wide variety of additional tools. Their job is to maintain the wiki, keep it clean of vandalism and spam, and cater to the tastes of the community. They are not bosses — administrators are not above users in power and status. They have merely demonstrated the trust and knowledge to carry special tools with them to assist them in maintaining the wiki.

Administrators are able to:

  • Delete and undelete pages
  • Block and unblock users
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit the wiki interface by editing MediaWiki namespace pages
  • Appoint users as Moderators and Chat moderators, and revoke those privileges if necessary
  • Access certain special pages not available to other users
  • Change the wiki's theme via Special:ThemeDesigner
  • Access the Special:AdminDashboard


A bureaucrat is a very highly trusted administrator that has the technical ability to manipulate and modify the user rights of other users. They have all the capabilities of regular administrators in addition to the ability to appoint users as rollbackers, administrators, and bureaucrats, and can revoke rollbacker and administrator status from other users. Bureaucrats cannot have their bureaucrat flag removed by anyone except themselves and by Wikia Staff.

It is important to note that, despite these extra tools, bureaucrats are equal to all other administrators. In other words, they are equal to all other users of the community.

Global user rights[edit]

Global user rights apply to all of Wikia. They are not granted by local communities, but by Wikia Staff.

Volunteer Spam Task Force[edit]

The Volunteer Spam Task Force (abbreviated as VSTF) are a group of experienced, highly-trusted users