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Cover image for Half-brother. The silhouettes for two boys are shown, one on the left and one on the right, Only half of the silhouette is shown for both of them. The name of the story is written across the top. The background is completely white.

Cover image for Half-brother

Author Enoch Leung
Country Canada
Language Canadian English
  • Short story
Completion date March 26, 2016
Publication date March 26, 2016
Last updated May 28, 2016
Media type Digital
Pages 10 (Google Docs version)
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Half-brother is a short story written by Enoch Leung and published on Wattpad. It tells the story of a boy whose mother remarries and bears him a half-brother, who is forced to choose between him and his father when the marriage turns sour.

Half-brother was written in about two weeks and is currently Enoch's most critically acclaimed story, with five Wattpad votes as of June 2017 (compared to three for As he lay dying..., and none for For my little brother).[1]